How long do I have the costume for?
Costume Hire is overnight - Unless hired on Saturday for the weekend and to be returned on Monday.

Can I pay extra to keep it longer?
Yes! Costumes are charged at $10 extra per day. This is also the charge for costumes not returned on the date agreed.

How much is it to hire a costume?
The price depends on the costume and how many items are hired and the accessories that go with the costume: such as a hats, masks, gloves, sunglasses, jewellery, footwear, stockings etc...But generally costumes range from $10 - $100.

How much is the bond?
The bond depends on the costume; they range from $10 - $100.

Can I come and try the costumes on?
Yes you are more than welcome to come and view and try on the costumes.

Do you hire out footwear?
Yes, we hire out a wide range of footwear, both mens and ladies.

Do I wash the costume?
If it is a plain shirt for instance or stockings we would expect it returned in the same condition as it was hired. As for more complicated items such as fancy dresses or heavier fabrics, please leave the drycleaning to us, a lot of the time washing might in fact damage the costume.

Are all your costumes displayed on the website?
No, we only have a small percentage of our costumes uploaded on the website, but watch this space, costumes being uploaded daily.